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"I believe that I can speak for the whole group in saying that the knowledge we gained is priceless."
Christopher Johnson, Sales Manager, Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
"This is a terrific article and so VERY relevant."
Maureen Callahan, V.P. Marketing, Destination Hotels & Resorts

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Hospitality Marketing Articles :: Building Client Relationships

Weighing-in on a broad range of topics related to buliding client relationships . . .

David Brudney & Associates- Hospitality Marketing Consultants
David M. Brudney, ISHC, a nationally recognized spokesman for hotels and a veteran with four decades of experience, is the principal of David Brudney & Assoc. of Carlsbad, CA

As a veteran professional consultant, David Brudney has advised developers, lenders, hotel owners, operators, chains and independents, mega-resorts, conference centers, limited service and B&Bs alike, throughout the U.S. on issues relating to performance evaluation and enhancement, strategy, structure, direction and execution.

Brudney's area of expertise is sales, marketing and operations and his primary consulting work the past 28 years has focused on producing top line improvement, strategic planning, structure and direction, performance evaluation, result measurement, research and litigation support.

Brudney's extensive body of work covering four decades includes hands on directing, sales and catering department restructuring and redeployment, strategy and program implementation, production of heavy-actionable marketing plans, marketing overviews, competitive analyses and user analyses along with solid credentials in training and teaching.

Since David Brudney's hospitality career began in 1960 he has experienced first hand that making friendships and maintaining those relationships is very important for most everyone, but for those in sales it is an absolute cornerstone for successful selling. The initial contacts made by today's new generation of hospitality sales professionals represent potential clients and referral sources for a career lifetime.

Brudney has become a prolific writer, who shares his experience in building client relationships regularly in online forums. The articles provided here represent both current articles as well as "timeless" ones that appeared many years ago.

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MARCH 2013- For the record, I am a huge advocate for the use of technology-based communication and selling skills - - when and if appropriate. But there's no doubt in my mind I might no longer be in business were it not for my selective usage of emailing, texting, teleconferencing, webinars and other virtual meetings.

OCTOBER 2010- Meeting planners less experienced need reminding of these strong arguments for face-to-face meetings and events. Some will need these talking points as they make their case to senior management.

FEBRUARY 2008- I attended a funeral this month for Tom Roberts, a man who had been a client of mine dating back to my previous hotel sales career, and who later became a high-profile labor arbitrator who ruled on some of Major League Baseballís landmark cases.

MAY 2007- Show me a successful, highly respected hospitality Sales professional and Iíll show you someone who has mastered the art of developing referrals.

APRIL 2007- Making friendships and maintaining those relationships is very important for most everyone, but for those of us in Sales it is an absolute cornerstone for successful selling.

APRIL 1984- Letís all try and remember that after the big events are over those special customers will be gone and we will return to ďbusiness as usual." Letís be sensitive to the needs of all those customers we expect back. They are the ones that ďbrought you to the dance." We canít forget them now. If we do, we stand a good chance of losing them for good.

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