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"I believe that I can speak for the whole group in saying that the knowledge we gained is priceless."
Christopher Johnson, Sales Manager, Mission Inn, Riverside, CA
"This is a terrific article and so VERY relevant."
Maureen Callahan, V.P. Marketing, Destination Hotels & Resorts

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Weighing-in on a broad range of topics related to hospitality sales and marketing . . .

David Brudney & Associates- Hospitality Marketing Consultants
David M. Brudney, ISHC, a nationally recognized spokesman for hotels and a veteran with four decades of experience, is the principal of David Brudney & Assoc. of Carlsbad, CA

As a veteran professional consultant, David Brudney has advised developers and lenders, hotel owners and operators, chains and independents, mega-resorts and conference centers, limited service and B&Bs alike, throughout the U.S. on issues relating to performance evaluation and enhancement, strategy, structure, direction and execution.

Brudneyís area of expertise is sales, marketing and operations and his primary consulting work the past 28 years has focused on producing top line improvement, strategic planning, structure and direction, performance evaluation, result measurement, research and litigation support.

Brudneyís extensive body of work covering four decades includes hands on directing, sales and catering department restructuring and redeployment, strategy and program implementation, production of heavy-actionable marketing plans, marketing overviews, competitive analyses and user analyses along with solid credentials in training and teaching.

Brudney has become a prolific writer, who shares his hotel marketing experience regularly in online forums. The articles provided here represent both current articles as well as "timeless" ones that appeared many years ago.

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August 2011- Paid search advertising is becoming more commonplace by hotel marketers as a cost-effective, high-yielding e-marketing tool to help drive consumers to their respective website booking engines.

May 2011- It was the summer of 1967 and while the country was heavily polarized over the war in Viet Nam and debating who would be our next president, Lyndon Johnson was due to arrive for a political event at the Century Plaza Hotel in West Los Angeles.

SEPTEMBER 2008- My article deals with a very recent Hawaii tourism experience and some additional thoughts. Karen and I just returned from attending a long wedding weekend in Hawaii and our experience with United Airlines could not have been any better. Lasting impressions? The hotel experience was overwhelmed by all of the merchandising. No matter where you turned, there was something new for guests to reach into his/her pockets.

JUNE 2008- Much will be written and spoken about my friend Mike in the days and weeks that follow. I will leave it to others to write about all of his many distinguished awards and testimonials. This piece is dedicated to the relationship I enjoyed with him.

MAY 2008- Frustrations with airlines, airports and security lines contributed to U.S. consumers putting off 41 million flights during the past year, according to the Travel Industry Association. TIA claims that those "avoided" trips cost the U.S. economy $26.5 billion over the past 12 months - - including lost sales for airlines and travel related businesses as well as lost tax revenue.

DECEMBER 2007- Though cruises do compete for market share with hotels and resorts, itís true that they also complement the hotel/resort experience probably because a cruise is very much a "floating" hotel. The scenery keeps changing, but itís still a hotel and I am now much more comfortable as a cruise passenger.

FEBRUARY 2006- I attended The Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) last month in Los Angeles.  It was very upbeat.  Everyone seemed to agree that the lodging industryís "good times" should continue through 2009, some predicting through 2010 and even longer.  Why?  Demandís return is the driving force.

APRIL 2005- Those of us who had the pleasure of hotel soldiering with Larry these past four decades, will remember him as an innkeeper bigger than life, a cross between Father Flanagan, Tip OíNeill and Santa Claus.

OCTOBER 2004- Iím a self-employed consultant for the hospitality industry and just like hundreds of my colleagues and competitors, I donít have the luxury of campaigning for one job for the next four years.  I have to do that once a week - - sometimes once a day.  And if I lose more than a couple of those, Iím either out of business or I hunker down for some very lean times.

APRIL 2004- One of the many tributes to Beverly A. Kordsmeier, who passed away April 8th, wife of Joseph G. Kordsmeier, retired Senior V.P. Sales & Marketing, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts)

DECEMBER 2000- My "experiences" of late have been nothing to write home about.   I donít know about you but Iím getting awfully tired of visiting limited service hotel after limited service hotel - - north, south, east, west, no matter - - where I find the hotels clean as a whistle, all the facilities in place but staffs that appear zombie-like.

FEBRUARY 2000- Where have all the mentors gone?  Theyíre still around.  Those in corporate offices need to step forward.  Those retired need inviting back.

JUNE 1997- When are hotel operators going to realize that those of us 45 and older would really appreciate hotels making everything easier to read!

OCTOBER 1984- Meet the "baby boomers," those Americans now aged 35 to 44. J.F. ter Horst writes that these baby boomers "will probably be decisive in determining Americaís political, social and economic direction for the 16 years remaining in the 20th century and well beyond."

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