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"The sales retreat was an absolute success. Material, timing, presentation all impeccable. You gave the team the material we needed, you motivated us and you facilitated the bonding process. Thank you! Now it is my job to carry on where you left off"
Liana Haines-Smith, DOSM, Le Meridien, Beverly Hills
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Hotel Sales & Marketing Report Card from DB&A

Will Your Hotel Sales & Marketing Leaders
"Make the Grade" in 2009?

DB&A Provides Answers to Your BIGGEST Sales & Marketing Questions.

David Brudney & Associates- Hospitality Marketing Consultants- Hotel Marketing Strategies
David M. Brudney, ISHC, a nationally recognized spokesman for hotels and a veteran with four decades of experience, is the principal of David Brudney & Assoc. of Carlsbad, CA

David Brudney & Associates (DB&A) can be of great value in addressing that increasingly important question, "How do you rate your Hotel Sales Team's Ability to Navigate the Tough Times Ahead?". DB&A will visit your unit level hotel and provide an independent assessment of that property's sales and marketing operation. DB&A will deliver a DOS "report card" that will address leadership and direction, budget, staffing, deployment, account penetration, booking pace, production, partnering and alliances.

DB&A Report Card Services Include:

  • DB&A "parachutes in" – hits the ground running, ready to ask the right questions.
  • DB&A has already reviewed (prior to arrival on site) yoru hotel's marketing plan, deployment, website, alliances, sales metrics, business on the books, etc.
  • 1 full day spent meeting with your Director of Sales & Marketing, 1-on-1, all sales associates, revenue manager (DORM), conference service manager, front office manager, and the general manager.
  • 1/2 day spent conducting "user analysis" confidential phone interviews with selected representative clients (group, incentive, leisure and business travel).
  • 1/2day "live" downloading session with DOSM and separately with the general manager.
  • Final 90-minute downloading session with client (property owner, lender, asset manager, and/or property operator/management company).

Are you sure you know the answers to these and other questions that will impact your hotel marketing efforts?

  1. Does the leader of the Sales & Marketing operation have the necessary skills and experience to lead and direct?
  2. Is the marketing and/or business plan for calendar year 2009 properly supported by business intelligence and verifiable data?
  3. Are proper & current sales metrics in place?
  4. Are the geographical/industry markets assigned to the direct sales team correctly?
  5. Do the individual sales team members carry an industry standard active account load?
  6. Is the amount of time spent by the sales team technology-based selling in line with time spent relationship-based selling?
  7. Is the S&M operation properly supported by the latest technology, tools and systems?
  8. Does the property have a powerful, interactive, content rich, navigational website with proper Search Engine Optimization capability?
  9. Are the Internet distribution channels, OTAs and 3rd parties "managed" properly?
  10. Has the S&M operation leader prepared the team for guerilla warfare tactics in 2009?

Contact DB&A today by email or by phone at 760-476-0830 and learn more about DB&A's sales and marketing "check up" and "report card".

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